A Biblical Marriage, Practically Speaking (1 Peter)

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The church teaches many things about how a Biblical marriage should look, and the world’s idea of marriage is far from Godly.  So, I want to take some time to really ponder, what does the Bible teach us about marriage and what the husband and wife relationship should be like.

I am going to focus on the book of 1 Peter, found in the new testament of the Bible.  This short letter is written by the apostle Peter to the elect, chosen by God, sanctified for obedience through the blood of Yeshua our Messiah.

It is important to know who wrote the words in the Bible, and whom they were originally written.  Peter was writing a word of encouragement to the believers, that were scattered and dispersed among the nations.  These people were not having an easy life, many of them had lived rough lives up until their understanding of the gospel of Yeshua was taught to them.  That is that Yeshua the Messiah came to redeem all who will seek Him in truth and love, and anyone can become a child of God.

You may be wondering what does this passage have to do with marriage.  Everything!  Peter is telling the reader how to live a Godly life with others.  The first human relationship that we have is with our spouse.  So, every command and teaching in the Bible that discusses how we should treat others, applies first to our marriage.  We must start at home.  So let’s take a look.

Number 1:  We must seek to be Holy in all our conduct.

Practical application:  You are having a disagreement with your spouse, and you find neither of you are understanding each other.  You are not sober minded.  So, it is time to stop the conversation and come back to it later, if necessary.  We have to ask ourselves would Yeshua raise his voice at his bride in this situation?  or Would our Messiah offer grace and humbly serve in this situation?

Wow, that is a huge calling, thank goodness we have the Spirit of Messiah to guide us.

Number 2:  We have to put all our evil tendencies and malicious behavior behind us, and seek the pure things of God.

Practical application:  There is no excuse for bad behavior.  We are to put our old self behind us and not say things like, Well. that is just the way I am.”


Number 3: Like Christ we are to be the servant of all, and be willing to suffer for righteousness sake.  He set the standard of how we should react when being mistreated, even if unjustly so.

Practical application:  Your spouse is having a bad day.  Don’t take it personally, you have bad days too.  Instead, think how you can serve your spouse and make their day better.

There are going to be times when your spouse is less than kind and you feel like they are out to make your life terrible.  Even if it is true that your spouse is a reviler, remember that Yeshua endured so much worse for our sake.  He will give us the strength to endure that which we must.



Number 4: Wives and Husbands are to put each other above their own selves.

Practical application:  Every morning before you start your day, place your spouse in the place of honor in your mind.  When I wake in the morning I first, thank God for another day to serve Him and bless His people.  I then ask Him to show me how I can honor and serve my husband.  Some days it is cleaning the house, making the menu, doing the laundry, and caring for his children.  Other days, it is calling the bank, going with him to run errands, or mailing a package.  It is easy to forget that all the little daily tasks we do for our family is really just an easy way to honor them.  When we do the little daily tasks, we say to our spouse you are important to me and I want to bless you.

I have added some verses from 1 Corinthians here to help us fully understand how this husband and wife love should look.

Number 5:  Honor one another.


Lastly, Peter talks to those in leadership.  A man is in leadership the moment he marries.  He is head over his home.  It is his job to teach his wife how to live like Messiah.  How to walk in truth and love.  If a man has children they too, are his responsibility.  We will look closer into this topic of the roles of a man and woman in marriage in a future post.  But, for today, we can take a lot of practical advice from Peter.  A man’s flock begins with those in his home.


This is just the beginning of what we will find in scripture to help us know how to live in a loving and happy marriage.

May Yehovah bless His Word and apply it to your heart and mind.


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