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Journey to Obedience (learning to live dependent on God) originally written August 2012 Recently, several people have encouraged me to write out our family story.  My first thought was  who really wants to read our story. I have enjoyed reading so many other peoples interesting and exciting stories online and in books.  Mine is just

Read Matthew 26-27 I got behind on posting our family journey to redemption series.  But yesterday, we celebrated Passover as a family.  So, I wanted to take a minute and post some conversations that we had about Passover, redemption, Yeshua, and repentance. My children and I have been reading from the old and new testament

Recently, I recalled a childhood memory and it began a journey in my mind back in time.  The earliest childhood memory I have is of my sister, Chopper (MaryBeth) coming home from the hospital and holding her.  I was only 2 years old and 9 months at the time.  But, I remember clearly holding her

Many have asked for more details about what happened to my daughter, Rachel, and her son, Zephaniah.  I have decided to try and type it up.  Mostly, to give all the glory and honor to our Healer and Redeemer. My daughter Rachel was expecting her second baby.  Her first pregnancy went two weeks overdue and

I am so blessed to be the mom of six beautiful and smart daughters.  They are all warrior princesses.  I can not take credit for this fact, because they each were born fighters and overcomers. I often tease that my oldest daughter, TylerAnn, walked out of the womb ready to give the nurses their orders. 

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