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Over the years, I have been asked to speak on my homeschooling method of using the Bible as my only textbook . I made a simple take home handbook for those who would attend my lectures.  I decided to give it away here on my website to others who may find it helpful.  Below is

Several moms have asked me lately for some insight into our daily lives to help them with their schooling plans.  So here goes.  I will try to be organized in my answers. Let’s start with our schedule: We do school from Sunday morning to Friday morning. Evening Schedule: (Sunday-Thursday) 7 pm Read through the Bible Cover

This link will take you to the church of Jesus Christ coloring pages through the old testament.  I have not looked at each page yet, so verify on your own that each one actually lines up with scripture.

One of my favorite places to look for resources is teachers pay Teachers.  Here is one of my favorite creators bundle pack for the whole life of Moses.  You could use these Lesson plans to go through Exodus to Deuteronomy with your students.   If you can’t afford the whole bundle, buy just one

Here is a cute free coloring book for Leviticus 11. Clean Unclean Book

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