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Girls, you have all grown into such beautiful women.  So often people around us are focused on the outside and only see our weight, shape, or physical characteristics.  These people often have health advice and sometimes criticism.  I want to share with you some insights and ideas on how to be healthy, strong, and have

When I was younger, especially when I was a young mom, I worried a lot.  I worried if I was a good wife, I worried if I was a good daughter, I worried if I was a good sister, I worried if I was a good Christian, I worried if I was “good enough.”  I

  (This Post was originally called, “I took the TV out of my bedroom.”  But people were having a hard time finding it with others recommended it, so I renamed it.) I took the TV out of my bedroom today. That may not sound like a big deal to you, but if you know why

In my last post,, I began sharing how I have learned some things over the years to over come my real life afflictions. In 2018, I suffered a severe trauma, and it rocked my world.  But it never shook my faith.  I never doubted who I am, or whom I believe in. Why? Because

Recently, I wrote a post about my personal struggle with physical affliction.  So many people wrote to me about how that little post encouraged them, and asked for suggestions on how to cope with their struggles and afflictions. The reality is we all have various struggles and afflictions, that is just the way it is.