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A messy kitchen can ruin a good mood in a moment.  In a big family the kitchen can get messy very quickly.  Another problem in a big family is making sure that there is enough food for everyone.  The next page in our rule book helps with the kitchen and food issues that all families

Do you have a perfectionist in your home?  Do you have a child or spouse that seems to never be able to start a task?  Maybe, you have someone in your family that starts a task and never completes it.  Do you or someone in your home have a million tasks started and all over

I wrote this blog post a couple weeks ago, and ever since then I have had a terrible time getting my own children to bed each night.  I decided to share a little about what is going on in my home, to hopefully,  encourage someone who may be struggling with bedtime at their house.  I

I was so blessed with a very organized and efficient mom.  She is the true master delegator.  She knows what tasks can only be done by dad, herself, a hired worker, and/or an older child.  As a parent, we have to not only care for our children, but also for a home, possessions, bills, and

Today, I am sharing two more pages of our family rule book.  The first page is for older children that will be asked to baby sit.  The second page is instructions for our children when they are being cared for by someone other than parents.  We have a large family and children ranging in age