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Yesterday, a friend of mine called to just talk and be encouraged in her parenting.  This friend, like myself, has both biological (children she gave birth to), and adopted children.  Though we often don’t distinguish between these children,  we are aware that raising adopted children can have challenges that are different from raising a child

Dear Son in Law, I hope you enjoyed my first letter.  I concluded in that letter with Jeremy and I getting married.  I thought I would back up just a little and talk of our engagement. When Jeremy and I were engaged, we both spent a great deal of time in prayer.  Jeremy was a

When my first son in law joined the family, I wrote him some letters to introduce him to our family and things I thought He might want to know about us.  I have four sons in law now, and am hoping to have my first, daughter-in-law, very soon.  So, I was reviewing the letters I

Warning this post is very personal and I am writing it for my children and grandchildren.  So, that in years to come they know why we taught what we taught, and believe what we believe, and live how we live. There are lots of Bible passages to look up and study.  This post may need

  Today, as I take a moment to ponder the goodness of my Creator and Redeemer, I can’t help but feel so loved and blessed. I turned 50 years old a week ago, and I celebrated my 30th anniversary of marriage to my faithful, loyal, and patient husband. I have been reflecting and reminiscing about

Recently, I reposted an article I wrote several years ago. In this article I share some things I have learned in raising children that are difficult. Today, I want to share four reasons I see as the root reason for children misbehaving and what I have learned I can do to help my child. I