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Last week my sisters and I were playing in the leaves. First we raked the leaves into a leaf pile. Then a cat jumped in the leaf pile and got all buried except it’s face. So we took a picture. Then we decided to take more pictures of people and cats in the leaf pile.

If I was President I would watch a movie then I would play video games. Then I would look at My BIG house and have my agents go all over the United States and find homeless people and give them a home and 5thousand dollars$$ . I would have a agent go and get a

Rachel and I have now gone to Science camp. It was soooooo much fun. But, it was like watching a movie a second time but with new characters and some old characters. I knew a lot people there like Rachel F., Emily, Eva, Charlotte, Julia, Josiah, Curtis, and others. Last year there was a chinchilla

My Grandma Lisa, Aunt Prayer, Uncle Tyler and their kids came over. Uncle Brandon and Tracy came too. My cousin, Kia and I played a lot. We played Barbie’s, Doctors, and outside. I showed her my new Polly pockets. We didn’t play on the computer. We liked to look at Tyler’s rabbits. Tyler’s rabbit’s name’s

What I do in school is:   SPELLING,my favorite subject.   INDEPENDENT READING.   SOCIAL STUDIES.   SCIENCE co-op on Thursday.   MATH,that is my second favorite subject.   ORAL READING, PENMANSHIP, and JOURNAL.   ENGLISH, HEALTH, BIBLE, and my BLOG.   SOCCER on Tues. and Thurs. I am in the big kid league the

The names in my familly all have a name from the Bible, some of us even have two. The first names in my family from oldest to youngest are: Katherine (mom), Jeremy(dad), Daniel, Tyler (me), Rachel, Lydia, Brenden (Bubba), Rebekah (Bekah), Jeremiah (Miah), Joshua (Josh), Zachery (Zach), and Robert (Davey) our newest brother. The middle