Science Camp part 2 by Tyler

Rachel and I have now gone to Science camp. It was soooooo much fun. But, it was like watching a movie a second time but with new characters and some old characters. I knew a lot people there like Rachel F., Emily, Eva, Charlotte, Julia, Josiah, Curtis, and others. Last year there was a chinchilla ( the softest animal in the world. ) and there were snakes, frogs, and birds like owls, doves, chickens, and an emu. This year there were also new animals like the skunk, some new snakes and frogs, and turtles. Not to forget the boa constrictor, Ace. Rachel and I were not in very many classes together. But, we were in the reptile class together, and I was wrong she didn’t like the blue racer snake. She was scared of it. At the beginning of the class, Mr. T, the teacher for that class told us to write something down. Rachel and I sat right in the middle of the table, so when we were writing he throw a snake at us. Rachel freaked out. Then realized it was rubber. After that he put a snapping turtle on the table. It thought to taste my finger. well we did a lot at science camp, but I have to go make lunch now. Bye
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  1. prayerhirn Avatar

    Tyler—I think I would of freaked too if someone threw a snake at me!! Fake or not!! I don’t think I would like science camp!! You are brave!

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