40 Day Prayer Challenge begins Tomorrow

My husband and I have purchased these prayer books, and decided to pray for each other for 40 days intentionally. After we ordered them, I thought I would see if anyone else would like to join us in prayer for their spouse.  I was so excited when several people signed up on facebook to purposefully pray for their spouse for 40 days.

Tomorrow is day one of the challenge, and I spent some time today reading the introduction and becoming familiar with the books.  I am very excited about the topics and concept of the books.  I have to admit, I love praying, especially praying the Word of God.  I think there is great power when we pray scripture, because Scripture is alive and active.  I noticed that the books were very simple and easy to use, and that was one reason I chose them.  I like that it leaves room for me to focus on my prayer to my Creator and Redeemer on behalf of my spouse and marriage.

I will admit as I have read the introduction and skimmed through the book I don’t always agree with the authors interpretation and understanding of certain Scriptures and concepts of God.  But, I would like to ask that those who are doing this prayer challenge with us, will put those theological differences aside, and rather focus on the task at hand.  The goal in this 40 days is not to analyze the content of the books, but rather to use the books as a guide to go to our Father in prayer with scripture to pray for our spouse and marriage.

So, I hope that if you are joining us in this time of prayer it will be a blessing.

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