Davey’s Homecoming (Adoption Adventures)

Davey arrived home August 29th, 2008, and we started school the following week.
I was so nervous how Davey would fit in, and if the other kids could adjust to him and his needs.
Boy, was I surprised.
It was like he knew his place and everyone else knew it too. I was so amazed at the work the foster family had done to prepare him to come home to us. He knew he was a Hirn and belonged here. He knew all his brothers and sisters names, and that they were his family. He knew Dad and Mom.
He even knew his house and his dad’s car. You may think, so what he is five, that can’t be too hard to teach.
But, even though he is five, he has some major brain damage.
Today he may be able to say, “help me please.” and tomorrow I will be lucky to get a “help.”
Somewhere in his very mixed up mind, he knows one thing, and that is that we are his family.
This is totally amazing to me. As I get to know him more, the more amazed I am that he get’s that.
I give his foster family a lot of credit for what they did, but I also have to say it must be the work of the Lord.
This whole experience of going and bringing Davey home has been so amazing. The hardest part was taking him from the foster home he knew there. It was very evident their love for him. It reminded Jeremy and I of a time when we were fostering, and had to watch a child move on that we didn’t really understand why God didn’t call us to make that life time commitment to.
It is so strange how God makes it clear when to hold tight to a child, and when even in the pain to let one go.
It was so evident that that was going on in the foster family’s heart. I praise God that he placed Davey with such a wonderful Christian family. The time he had there, I truly believe prepared him to come home to us. If he had remained in the hospital longer, I think we would have brought home a totally different boy.
Praise God, He works all things out in his timing and way. Davey is such a joy to our home. He spends his days playing and learning from his brothers and sisters.
They also learn from him. Davey loves wrestling with his brothers and helping his sisters.
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