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Do you ever wonder why God let’s things happen?  Especially when you are doing your very best to do what you believe He is asking you to do.  That is how I felt last month when my daughter was about to have her baby. August 6th, Lydia was due to have her first baby, and

I wrote this blog post a couple weeks ago, and ever since then I have had a terrible time getting my own children to bed each night.  I decided to share a little about what is going on in my home, to hopefully,  encourage someone who may be struggling with bedtime at their house.  I

Recently, my husband and I made a family rule book.  This idea isn’t new, in fact, we based our book on one we saw on a youtube vlog.  We have had family rules for a long time, but we had never considered making a book. Why make a family rule book? Growing up my parents

Yesterday, we got the call from our lawyer that the judge signed the Final Order of adoption for our Mary Katherine.  This was such good news.  Since this adoption was a second chance adoption (that means we are the second family to adopt Mary), the judge can make us wait longer to be sure we

  Today is Davey’s tenth birthday.  Wow, in many ways it seems it was just yesterday that we went to get him in California.  Yet at the same time, it seems he has been home with us always.  In these last few years, I have seen God work miracle after miracle in this happy little