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Wow, what an amazing time it has been these last three months.  Two kids went off to Kansas to serve for a month. Two kids went off  to training for two weeks.  All four of those kids have been teaching 5 day clubs for the last few weeks.  We had Max Camp for a week

  So we have continued with the challenge and are now in our last week.  Tyler Ann and Lydia did write up a couple posts, and I have lost them.  So sorry about that.   But I want to share a few insights since we have been reading through the New testament.    Here are

We are so excited that our whole family has read through the complete Old Testament together in the last 70 days.  It has not been an easy task, but we have enjoyed it and grown from it. Here is a list of just a few things I learned during this reading time together.   From

We continue with the challenge.  The teens have returned from their time away at training and serving.  But now they are busy planning and teaching VBS and Five Day Clubs.  This adds even more challenge to the challenge.  Even when you love the Bible like we do, your brain can only take in so much

       The other day as I mentioned to a friend that we just completed reading through the book of Ecclesiastes,  She said, in jest, “Oh, I do not like that book.”  I laughed and said, “I didn’t think it was very encouraging to Jeremy, either.”  She went on to say, “I see verses like “everything

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