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Do you sometimes wonder, what should I read in my Bible?  How should  read my Bible?  When should I read my Bible?  Where should I read my Bible? Yesterday, I shared that I do not read my Bible at a set time each day or in a set place, but rather I fit it in

Recently, I was asked by two different people about my “quiet time” with God.  They wanted to know what did I do and where did I do it?  Do you go to your own room?  Do you use a Bible study book?   Do you pray and read your Bible at the same time?  Growing

Today, I was asked about our Torah Club nine week challenge.  I realized that I have never wrote up what we did last summer to prepare for the fall feasts. Nine weeks before the fall feast began last year, I felt an urgency to be sure all my children had gone through the Torah at

So we have completed a week of reading so far.  We started reading the New Testament on June 1st, and we plan to read all the way through it in 90 days.  We decided to add a little fun to it and use our picture smart Bible program. This program is a fun way to

Sometimes, I don’t want to do Bible study or read my Bible.  Sometimes, I just have other things I want to do.  I neglect my quiet time with God and my personal Bible study time.  That is why I am excited that my family is doing another 90 day Bible reading challenge this summer.  We are

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