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These last few days have been crazy!  We’ve been running around, and doing many things.  We got a little far behind on our Bible reading, so we are trying to catch up. Are you still reading your Bible?  Life get’s busy, we have to do so much in a day.  I hope that you are still reading

I love the book of Joshua, I always have loved books about military, wars, and battles. I love to read all of the battles Joshua fought, it’s crazy to think he was 80 years old when he was fighting these wars. God was with Joshua and Israel through all their battles. I think many people

Ok, there was a lot of things that happened in Numbers 11-23. Sadly I can not write about all of it because there is just to much!   Throughout those chapters Israel complained to Moses and YHWH was angry at them for not believing in Him and how they said it would have been better

  In an effort to make it real.  I want to share some of our challenge’s with you since starting the ninety day challenge.  You see whenever God’s people decided to dive into His Word, Satan will do anything to keep us from doing just that. For our family the challenge’s to do the challenge

KEEP IT UP!!!! KEEP READING!!!!! Sorry our posts have been late, we have had our power out due to a couple storms that rolled through.   I love that YHWH’s Gospel message is told so many beautiful and different ways throughout the scriptures.  As I read Leviticus I saw this story being told over and

This reading was a little harder to read, it was about the laws of the offering and a couple other laws. It reminded me that YHWH is very detailed about things and that nothing in the Bible was put there by mistake. I was thinking about the offerings and it made me think about my

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