90 Day challenge has it’s challenge’s

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In an effort to make it real.  I want to share some of our challenge’s with you since starting the ninety day challenge.  You see whenever God’s people decided to dive into His Word, Satan will do anything to keep us from doing just that.


For our family the challenge’s to do the challenge started as soon as we announced online that we were going to do it.  Our weeks quickly started being filled up with one unexpected obligation after another.  I began feeling physically ill, and very tired.  So did some of the kids.  But, we all agreed that no matter what we were going to stay up each night and do the reading.  The house work sort of fell behind and so did other school work, but the priority became to do the reading.  That first week, actually, was a blessing each night and we were glad we pressed to do the reading.  Then this week began, and Monday had an unexpected crisis and we couldn’t read together, and Tuesday the power kept going in and out all day, and I had to run Davey to Grand Rapids for a doctor’s appointment.  By the time we all got home, and the power came back on, we were all emotionally exhausted and knew we would not be able to read.  So, we used our grace day.  Wednesday, it was very tempting to just not read and watch a movie as a family.  Many of us are still getting over a cold, and just want to rest.  But, God strengthened us and we came together and got caught up on our reading.


Each night, there is that temptation to just not read.  But every time we do come together with His Word, we have been strengthened by it.  Even when the little ones are not being on their best behavior, as we dive in to the Word, slowly everyone comes to a point of calm and listening.  The Word itself seems to be a healing balm to our bodies and souls.  So, we press on.  We truly hope that as we press on, we will encourage others to dive into God’s Whole Word.


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