Busy? Bored? Discouraged?… I know a book for that. (day 37 of the Challenge)

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I admit it.  It is not easy to keep up with this challenge, especially being away from home.  Being away from the family, makes it really easy to make excuses or try and cut corners.  But Rachel is here, and very helpful at encouraging me to keep up with the reading.  She motivates me to do my best.  We currently are a day behind, but working together to get caught up.  To be honest, I didn’t expect us to be doing this well.  But I should have known God would be faithful to stick with us.  On the days I make getting my reading in a priority, I find they are the best days of the week.  Since arriving in Kansas our schedule has been unpredictable and that makes it hard to know when I have time to read.  But, Rachel always helps me see when I have time.  Just when I think I have a free minute to myself, she will say, “Have you done your reading, today.”  That is her code way of saying, “Don’t you dare waste time.”

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There are also times when I am feeling bored.  Yeah, even here on the busy farm with 15 kids, I can get bored.  But, then, I get my Bible out and do my reading.  It is filled with amazing stories of adventure and love, and it fills my mind with them.  There have been many disappointments here in Kansas.  It has been one thing after another, but when it starts to get me down, I stop and do my Bible reading and it brings me back to Him and fills me with His Joy.  It reminds me that he loves me and that  He is in control.

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No, this challenge has been very difficult at times.   Sometimes I just don’t even want to do it.  But, it is worth every minute of it.  Through this challenge I am learning more about how to love God, and how much He loves me, than I have ever known.  So, I encourage you now, to get busy reading God’s Word.  Maybe your doing the challenge, or maybe not.  Either way, today is a good day to read God’s Word.  God wants to speak to you through His Word.   So, “Have you done your Bible reading?”

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  1. Dad Avatar

    Wow Tyler that was very insightful. Thanks for sharing and being so personal.

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