Never Forget by Rachel (Day 3 of the Challenge)


I was very excited to read this story yesterday and even more excited to be blogging about it. The story of Joseph is one of my favorites so without further a doo,  my thoughts on  Genesis  32-43.

Note how Reuben did not want to kill Joseph (Genesis 37:21;22) , he just wanted to harm him and put him in the pit and then return to help him later.

Sometimes we sin and think, ” I won’t do the worst sin I could do, I’ll just do a little sin and clean it up later.” But what Reuben thought was just something little, turned into a lot worse (or better later)

Reuben then had a chance to tell the truth when he found out his brothers sold Joseph into slavery, but instead he lied. So his one “little sin” turned into more and more because he did not turn around.


That’s one thing I got out of this story.

Many times I get angry and disturbed at the fact that the cup bearer forgot about Joseph. But sometimes we forget important things too. We many times forget how much God has done for us. God has given us so much and sometimes we remember how much God gave us when we read our Bible, or when we go to church.

We get all pumped for God and excited to work hard for Him, but soon we forget just like the baker.

I want to challenge myself and everyone else doing the 90 day reading to not forget. So continue to study God’s word whenever possible so we won’t forget and will be pumped for Him always. If you are someone who takes challenges seriously write down the thing you learn so you don’t forget it and hang it somewhere you look often or carry it so you won’t forget. It can be anything from, “Remember Jesus loves me and has forgiven me” or anything you think is important to God and you never want to forget.






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