Happy New Year! (first blog post)

WOW! Can it truly already be 2008?

How exciting that we have enjoyed another year as a family. Last month, Jeremy and I celebrated our 14th anniversary. We are so blessed to have a marriage that the Lord truly reigns in. This past year was so great as a couple and as a family.

We, again added to our family this year, baby number nine. How blessed we are. I never would have guessed when we got married that we would have so many wonderful children already. I knew the Lord was going to give us a big family, I guess I just never expected it to be so quickly.

We are enjoying this school year, even more than last. It seems every year is better than the one before. God is good and the kids are all learning and growing so much. I am excited about each and everyday that I have with these kids. It is going by so fast, and I am a bit anxious about how quickly they will all be all grown and heading off to change the world.

Well, this is our first blog entry, so I should introduce ourselves to any readers we may have.

First, I am Katie, and I am married to Jeremy.

Like I said we have been married 14 years and we have nine children.

They are Daniel (12), Tyler Ann (11), Rachel (10), Lydia (9), Brenden (8), Rebekah (7), Jeremiah (4), Joshua(2), and Zachery (8 months).

One of our new school projects is this blog. So there will be entries from all of us at different times. We will be sharing our hobbies, interests, and thoughts here with you (whom ever you are).

SO, HAPPY NEW YEAR and blessings to you from us!

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  1. momteacherfriend Avatar

    Welcome to the blogosphere!
    Hope you enjoy your blog.
    I am adding you to bloglines so I can keep track of all that is going on in your world.
    God Bless

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