Author: Katie

As I sit in my living room this morning with my children loudly trying to get their morning chores done, and all feeling so anxious about life, that they are bickering with one another.  I can’t help but begin to cry.  How did we get here?  How do we move forward? Life just seems so

Several moms have asked me lately for some insight into our daily lives to help them with their schooling plans.  So here goes.  I will try to be organized in my answers. Let’s start with our schedule: We do school from Sunday morning to Friday morning. Evening Schedule: (Sunday-Thursday) 7 pm Read through the Bible Cover

This morning my oldest daughter asked her sisters, “If someone asked you what is the Gospel, what would you answer?”  One of her sisters answered, “1 Corinthians 15.”  She then went on to say what 1 Corinthians 15 says in her own words.  I will not be able to do what she did, but I

  Can I spoil my baby?  If I feed my baby on demand am I telling her she is the boss?  If I hold my baby to put him down for a nap, am I spoiling him? I have had people ask me these questions a lot.  I am sure it is because I come

As I began writing about the spring feasts, I was asked if our family celebrates Purim.  The answer to that question is sometimes. Let me explain. What is Purim? Purim is a holiday that is celebrated at the end of the book of Esther.  So, let’s go there and see what the Bible says… Esther

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