Joshua Bible study outline


I am sharing this outline for those who ask me about our schooling.  This is a brief outline for our six week study of Joshua.  This outline is for me and the kids to reference as we work through the book.  The details of each assignment are givien on a weekly bases, and they write them into their own notebooks.  We have map books, commentary materials, and more that we reference as we study.  We also use videos, and recorded sermons as we discuss the book.  But the focus is on reading the words over and over again, finding the meaning behind the words (looking at the original Hebrew language), and memorizing the Word.  Note booking is required, and we use it for grammar training, as well as, to plant the lessons into our heads and hearts.

JOSHUA STUDY (six weeks)

WEEK 1 (Joshua 1:7-9)
Joshua 1-4 Strong and Courageous

Day 1 Read chapter 1
highlight keywords (God, LORD, Joshua, courageous, strong, firm, etc.)

NOTEBOOK: list God’s commands and promises to Joshua
Day 2 Read Exodus 17:8:13; 24:12-13; 32:17
(additional reading Numbers 13:1-16,25-14:10; 26-38 and Deuteronomy 32:44; 34:1-12)
NOTEBOOK: add to your list from Day 1
Day 3 read chapter 2
highlight keywords
NOTEBOOK: add to list from day 1 and make notes about Rahab
Day 4 read chapter 3 and 4
highlight keywords

NOTEBOOK: journal what you have learned so far about Joshua

WEEK 2 (Joshua 7:13)
Joshua 5-8 Conquerors
Day 1 read chapter 5
highlight keywords (circumcised)
NOTEBOOK: copy verses 10-15 and journal on it.
Day 2 Read chapter 6
highlight keywords (fear, fight, under the ban, etc.)
NOTEBOOK: make a map of Jericho, journal themes of chapter 5 and 6.
Day 3 Read chapter 7
highlight keywords
read 1 Corinthians 10:11-13
NOTEBOOK: journal theme of chapter 7
Day 4 read chapter 8
highlight keywords
NOTEBOOK: Add Mt. Ebal and Mt. Gerizim to your map.
WEEK 3 (Joshua 21:45)
Joshua 9-12 Covenant
Day 1 read chapter 9
highlight keywords (covenant)
Day 2 read chapter 10
map Joshua’s Invasion and Promised Land
Day 3 read chapter 11
highlight keywords
NOTEBOOK: journal new insights on Joshua
Day 4 read chapter 12
NOTEBOOK: Journal themes of chapters 9-12
WEEK 4 (Joshua 24:14-15)
Joshua 13-16
Day 1 read chapter 13
highlight keywords
Day 2 read chapter 14 and 15
compare to Numbers 13 and 14
NOTEBOOK: make a list about Caleb
Day 3 read chapter 15 and 16
NOTEBOOK: Journal themes of chapters 13-16
Joshua 17-19
Day 1 read Joshua 17
compare current maps to Biblical maps of this time
Day 2 read chapter 18
highlight keywords
NOTEBOOK: journal theme of chapter 18
Day 3 read chapter 19
highlight keywords
NOTEBOOK: what is finished? What is Joshua’s inheritance?
Joshua 20-24
Day 1 read chapters 20-21
highlight keywords (avengers of blood)
NOTEBOOK: copy final three verses: journal
Day 2 read Joshua 22
compare to Deuteronomy 3:18-20; Joshua 1:1-18.
highlight keywords (altar)
Day 2 read chapter 23
highlight keywords
read Deuteronomy 7
Day 4 read chapter 24
highlight keywords (serve)
NOTEBOOK: make a final journal entry

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