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KEEP IT UP!!!! KEEP READING!!!!! Sorry our posts have been late, we have had our power out due to a couple storms that rolled through.   I love that YHWH’s Gospel message is told so many beautiful and different ways throughout the scriptures.  As I read Leviticus I saw this story being told over and

This reading was a little harder to read, it was about the laws of the offering and a couple other laws. It reminded me that YHWH is very detailed about things and that nothing in the Bible was put there by mistake. I was thinking about the offerings and it made me think about my

I decided to show you what I got out of our reading of the book of Exodus.  God repeats His instructions to His people over and over.  In chapter 31 and chapter 35 you will see that God says the same thing to His people over again.  I love these two chapters because they show

So yesterday’s reading was awesome! We read about the ten plagues. Here is my thoughts on them. (Ex. 7-24) Chapter 7:3. God wanted to harden Pharaohs heart so that He would multiply His sings and wonders. I also think that he did it so that all the Israelites and Egyptians, well everyone in the whole

So, a few people have asked about why we are doing this challenge, and how are we doing it. So I am going to try and tackle those two questions today. Why we are doing the 90 day Bible reading challenge and sharing it online? The first reason we are doing the challenge is because

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