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Read 1 Corinthians 3 Many people know me as a “Torah Observant” Christian.  This title is understood to mean that I believe that the foundation of Scripture is found in the first five books of the Hebrew/Christian Bible, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.  Sadly, many Torah Observant believers, stop there.  They study the Torah

I have been thinking about marriage and money this week.  Often money issues cause great division in a marriage.  My parents taught us to manage our money.  When I was a child my parents taught us money management from a program called, Money Matters by Larry Burkett.  In more recent years they have also recommended,

Often in life we find ourselves comparing.  Comparing our kids to our sister’s kids.  Comparing our farm to our neighbor’s farm.  Comparing our car to our parent’s car.  Comparing our job to our friend’s job.  Comparing our talents, our abilities, our lives.  This is a terrible way to live life. There is someone that we

I grew up in a wonderful home.  My parents made Jesus Christ the Lord of their lives the year I was born.  They were what some might say, “Radically Saved.”  They were on fire for God, and we were at every church event, and my parents attended weekly Bible Study.  They became foster parents, and

I have been receiving a lot of emails, calls, and text from mom’s who are excited and a bit overwhelmed about their new discovery that all scripture is for our benefit and blessing.  They read a book, or heard a podcast, or saw a teaching, and a friend told them about God’s feasts, Sabbath day,