Sabbath Rest brings Shalom


In my last post , Shalom of Yeshua, I wrote about how in the last couple years, I have come to a place of peace that I never knew before. A friend who has known me many years, recently asked were this deep peace came from.  So, I have been pondering her question and the answer is bigger than just, “from Yeshua (Jesus).”

Zach and Stephen often wanted to read, but could never stay up through the whole reading.

Shalom means peace in Hebrew.

Sabbath means rest.  It is also the name of the seventh day of the week.  All the other days of the week are not named in Hebrew.  Each day is just called Day One, Day two, Day Three, etc.


But what does this have to do with how I found a deep peace?  It is not easy to explain.  It is something one has to experience for themselves to really understand.  But in hopes that you might consider keeping the Sabbath, I will do my best to share.

A few years ago, a friend posted this Bible study on her blog.  Sabbath Study  This study takes you through every scripture that has the word Sabbath in it.  It is a great study.  I did the study by myself.  Then I did it with my oldest daughter.  We decided to try and keep Sabbath.  We started by not buying and selling on Saturday.  We also tried to limit our work on that day.  We did not have a preparation day at first.  Instead, we just had what we call, “make your own meals day.”  Everyone had to make their own meal and clean up after themselves and their buddy.  We tried to limit things like TV and internet.  But it was just the two of us that  knew what we were doing.   It was nice to have a day that I didn’t think about school lessons, bills, groceries, meals, etc.  But the house was sort of a wreck the next day.

Benny snuggled most nights with Daniel as we read.

It was about that time, we moved back to Michigan, and I shared this study with Jeremy.  He too wanted to try it and see if it was even possible to do a full day of rest.  So, we began doing nothing on Saturdays and pre-cooking our meals the day before.  We could see that there was truly a blessing in this day of rest.  Slowly over time, we started to figure out how to really rest and reflect on the Lord’s goodness each week on this set apart day.

I don’t think there is any perfect way of keeping the Sabbath, but I do think that if you seek to keep it set apart, Yehovah will bless you with a rest that brings peace (Shalom).

We all found we prefered to have do most of the oral reading as we followed along.



Please consider taking the time to do this study.  Sabbath Study

I truly hope you read this passage and do this study and that they will bring you peace and comfort.



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