Day 1 of the Challenge with Lydia


Day 1. Genesis 1-18

So, we read 18 chapters of the Bible. It was a lot to take in but it was a lot of fun too! Reading the Bible is so awesome! Every time I read the Bible, I get something new out of it!

I was reading and I saw the words “appeared” and “saw” a lot. God saw everything! No one could hide from God! He saw that the garden was good, that Adam and Eve sinned, that the world was corrupt, etc.. The same God who saw all those things, see’s me. I can’t hide from God. It makes me think about my actions, words, sin, and the way I dress. Are my actions and words glorifying to God?

god saw day 1


Even though I might be able to hide my sins from people I can’t hide it from God. He knows and saw what I did.

When I get dress I ask: is this glorifying to myself? Am I going to cause someone to fall into sin? What does God think about what I’m wearing? Something to think about…..

I found it really cool how the Lord appeared to Abraham. I looked up the word “appeared” in my Bible and the definition was “Made visible.” It was pretty cool how the Lord appeared and talked to Abraham. It makes me think about how God appears and talks to me. I am a talker, I really like to talk. I could talk all day if I really wanted too. But am I listening to God? Am I allowing my eyes to open? Am I letting God speak to me? I can go on, there is SO much in just those chapters!

abram covenant



I really enjoyed reading my Bible! I hope everyone has as much as fun as I do and never stops reading it!


Once you, create that hunger for the Word, never stop feeding it! Here comes another fun day of reading!

*Have Fun*


Remember, Satan will be on the  attack as you do this 90 day reading challenge. He will do anything to make you stop because he hates to see people grow closer to God, He hates to see people open their Bibles. Whatever obstacle comes into your way, don’t ever stop reading. Giving up is just what Satan wants. Don’t give up, we got this, we will read the whole Bible!

We can do this!!!



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    Love your thoughts Lydia.

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