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It is that time of year again.  When people start asking me lots of questions about my weird life.  I totally get it to.  I am a curious person and if I met me, I would have a million questions too. I mean let’s get real.   I have fifteen children.  I have adopted and biological

I have been thinking about marriage and money this week.  Often money issues cause great division in a marriage.  My parents taught us to manage our money.  When I was a child my parents taught us money management from a program called, Money Matters by Larry Burkett.  In more recent years they have also recommended,

Often in life we find ourselves comparing.  Comparing our kids to our sister’s kids.  Comparing our farm to our neighbor’s farm.  Comparing our car to our parent’s car.  Comparing our job to our friend’s job.  Comparing our talents, our abilities, our lives.  This is a terrible way to live life. There is someone that we

Original posted in 2017, updated in 2020. Yesterday was Christmas.  All around the world people took time out of their regularly scheduled lives and celebrated this festival.  Not everyone calls it the same name, but it is a world day of celebration.  Here is the United States everything stops. Businesses close, and people gather together

How does a Torah Observant believer live day to day? This is so important.  This is an excellent question.  As believers in Yeshua, we should be following His example of obedience to Torah every day of the week, not just on Sabbath.  Every month of the year, not just feast months.  Every year of life,

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