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When I was a child, I attended many different denominations of Christian churches, primarily, Nazarene and United Methodist.  In these different congregations, the concept of fasting was often taught around Easter time, during the time of Lent.  The teachings always were very similar, fasting is giving up something to show God you’re serious about whatever

In the Bible, specifically Leviticus 23, we are given an outline of God’s Holy Days.  The Days that the Creator of the world set aside to meet with His people. In my last post I focused on the day called, Yom Teruah, Day of Shouting.  Ten days after Yom Teruah is Yom Kippur, the Day

Chag Shamach! Happy Holiday, Happy Feast!!!! Did you know that today is a feast of Yehovah God? This feast actually begins with the sighting of the new moon. Let’s take a quick look at scripture.  There are three clear passages of scripture about this commanded Holy Day. The Feast of Trumpets 23 Then the Lord spoke to Moses,

(Originally written in September 2016, updated September 2022) A few years ago our family started slowing adding the observance of Yehovah’s feasts into our lives.  When we first started it was so hard to know what to do. What are the Biblical feasts? When are the feasts? Where do we celebrate them? Who should celebrate

Why do you celebrate the Jewish holidays and not the Christian ones?  This was a sincere question from a friend of mine several years ago.  At the moment, I did not have time to give her a detailed answer.  So, I briefly replied, we celebrate the Biblical Feasts as God commanded in Leviticus 23. Later,