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Do you want to know about Passover?  Do you celebrate Easter?  Have you ever wondered where the name Easter came from?  Where is Ash Wednesday, and Good Friday in the Bible? These are questions my husband started asking me about 26 years ago.  He grew up doing Easter with decorated eggs and the Easter Bunny

This morning as my children and I discussed the calendar, I couldn’t help but get excited that it is most likely going to be a New Year this next Monday. Yes, I said the new year is yet to begin. Are you starting to wonder if I am confused? I am not.  Let me explain.

A few years ago, our family started slowing adding the observance of Yehovah’s feasts into our lives.  When we first started it was so hard to know what to do.  When to do it?  And where to do it? If you have no idea of what the feasts of Yehovah are, you can read Leviticus

So, this morning I woke up with a thought in my head about verses I have read in various places in the Bible.  Verses that talk about signs on the hand and symbols on the forehead.  The reason was in my Bible reading this verse was read, “ And it shall be for a sign unto

Torah observant Believers, like all other believers out there in this world, are always seeking to walk in the Ways of Yehovah.  We study the Bible, and seek the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, as we make the best decisions we can for our families.  When it comes to special days to celebrate and observe,

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