Author: Katie

Introduction by mom:  Rachel chose not to have a Quincenera when she turned fifteen.  But her dad and I wanted to do a purity study and present her with her own special ring.  She is a totally different girl than her big sister, Tyler.  Rachel is rough and athletic.  She is very competitive and loves to play

This link is to a blog that a dear friend of mine posted.  She allowed me to help answer some questions of one of her readers.  The questions were about how do you make time for God, Husband, and so many kids.    Click on the link and it will take you to the blog, and

  I am sharing this outline for those who ask me about our schooling.  This is a brief outline for our six week study of Joshua.  This outline is for me and the kids to reference as we work through the book.  The details of each assignment are givien on a weekly bases, and they

    Recently I needed to rewrite my testimony. So since my mom kept bugging me to write a blog, I thought I would use it.   The first time I remember hearing the gospel story of Jesus was when I was very young at home. My mom and dad told me that Jesus loved

So here is the picture that we saw on the ultrasound screen today.  I truly have no idea what I am going to do because I was sure it was a girl this time.  So, Jeremy and I had some great girl name ideas picked out, and absolutely no boy names even considered.  So, now what

 ROMANS 12 Recently, I was asked about Tyler’s Quinceañera, so I decided to try and write it out.  I wish often we would have recorded that day.  But, we didn’t so to hold on to the memory I am going to try and paint a picture of it here. First a Quinceanera is a special

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