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Another free coloring packet. Psalms 1

Here is one of my favorite content creators with a free color copywork page on the book of Esther.  

“Homeschooling question for you.  I’m thinking of doing some things like you do.  What Time do you do school?  and what do you do at each time?  And how realistically can you stick to it, how many nights a week do you have to skip things because of appointments elsewhere?” I received this question from

Over the years, I have been asked to speak on my homeschooling method of using the Bible as my only textbook . I made a simple take home handbook for those who would attend my lectures.  I decided to give it away here on my website to others who may find it helpful.  Below is

Several moms have asked me lately for some insight into our daily lives to help them with their schooling plans.  So here goes.  I will try to be organized in my answers. Let’s start with our schedule: We do school from Sunday morning to Friday morning. Evening Schedule: (Sunday-Thursday) 7 pm Read through the Bible Cover

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