Why I Love CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship)


CEFBy Tyler Ann HIrn

My first experience with CEF started when two teenagers came and taught a backyard Bible club(now called 5 day clubs) in my own backyard.  At the time I did not know what CEF was, all I knew was that these fun people came and taught cool stories about Jesus and missionaries.  As I got older, I remember my Mom asking me if I would like to teach Bible clubs, like the teens who came to our backyard each summer.  I remember, I really did not know if I wanted to be a summer missionary or not, but as my Mom’s excitement grew, so did my own, and I became determined to be an awesome summer missionary with CEF.


I was glad at the chance to share my love of Jesus with other children and during the one week training my desire to tell children the Gospel grew even more.  I have always had an evangelical nature, and CEF gave me the training and opportunity to use my God given talent.  After my training, I decided to help teach Backyard Bible clubs. I helped every week of the summer, and took every opportunity to tell the truth to anyone who would listen.


The following fall, I was asked to help teach in a Good News Club(an after school program) at the local elementary school by my house.  I was glad that just because summer ended, it did not mean I had to stop working.  I was able to meet knew kids and share the Gospel, as well as disciple kids that I had met that summer.  I have heard people complain that CEF only tells the Gospel and does not disciple children, but this is simply not true.  I can not count the number of children that I myself have been able to disciple and help grow in their faith.  That does not even consider all the programs and policies that CEF has in place to ensure that  a child, and even adults can get the spiritual knowledge that they need to grow.


I have been involved in CEF since that very first summer when my Mom got me excited to share the Gospel.  I love CEF because it taught me how to share Jesus love with others and not just children.   CEF is a family that works together in a common goal to teach the truth to the world.  And not just the Gospel as it is understood, but also how to grow in the faith that comes after salvation.  CEF trains people of all ages to be able to share the truth with anyone.  They are not afraid to partner with other God fearing organizations and churches to further their goal of spreading the full Gospel to every child, every nation, every day.  CEF does not just minister to children, but also to all the teens and adults that they train and teach.

That is why I work with CEF, and that is why I have taken an internship with them.  I want to be a part of the training and teaching of others.  To give them the tools they need to share their faith, just like CEF did for me all those years ago.  CEF is certainly not perfect, but I believe YHWH has done a good work in CEF, and in me, and will continue to use both to grow his kingdom.


A note from Katie:

Our local chapter of CEF has been a part of our families life for years now.  Even though we teach and train our children in God’s Word, several of them made their first decision to really acknowledge Jesus as LORD and savior after a CEF event.  CEF trained staff are able to explain God’s truth in ways that all children can and do understand the love of God.

Here is the link to the CEF page:  CEF

If you are looking for a family ministry check it out.


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