Want to read what I read today? (Day 2)

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Do you sometimes wonder, what should I read in my Bible?  How should  read my Bible?  When should I read my Bible?  Where should I read my Bible?

Yesterday, I shared that I do not read my Bible at a set time each day or in a set place, but rather I fit it in to my daily life all day long.  I hear from people all the time, I wish i had the time you do to read my Bible, I am just so busy.  Sometimes this statement makes me chuckle.  Do you think I am sitting around all day just reading my Bible.  Really with 15 kids?  No of course, I must be intentional about reading it, and prayer time.  But being intentional doesn’t mean a set time and place.  It means getting it in no matter what.

So, it is 4:30 pm at my house today, Monday, December 5th, 2016.  Let me share with you a little of my day and how Bible has fit in.

We woke a little late today, and then when we got up the kids were so excited about our first official snow fall of the season that they all ran out to play in it before it melted.  So, as they played out in the snow, I sat in the living room and read my Bible to myself.  At 9 am, I read Psalms chapter 8 to myself.  It took me less than 5 minutes to read it.  After I read it I meditated on what it said and who God is.  I looked out the window at the snow on my big pine trees, and i thanked God for the beautiful snow.  I started a fire in my fireplace and I thanked God for it as well.  As my children, came in the house for breakfast and morning chores, I thanked God for each of them, and asked His blessing on them.

Finally, at 10 am, we started out morning Bible reading time together.  We started with Psalms 119:41-48 (Vav).  We discussed it and the Hebrew letter Vav.  We reminded ourselves of the blessing of knowing and walking in God’s ways.  From there we went to Genesis 28:10-22, we read this short story and looked at some passages in the New Testament in Matthew 23:16-22 and Jon 1:43-51.  All of this Bible reading and discussion took us less than 20 minutes to do as a group.  Can you imagine how quickly you could do it on your own?

The next thing we did was our weekly word of wisdom.  We are memorizing Proverbs 1:7.  SO we reviewed it and recited it several times.  Then we opened our Bibles to Proverbs 2:1-6.  We read it, we discussed each of the verses and the words in them.  We read James 1:5 and discussed areas in our lives that we need to seek Godly wisdom in. This time of wisdom digging deep took less than 15 minutes together.  Again you could do it all in even less time by yourself.

The kids and I closed our discussion time with a short time of thanksgiving and prayer to YHVH.  We did all of this together in less than an hour.

After that I took care of kids and took my daily shower (remember that is my quiet time with the LORD to really listen to Him.)  We had an animal emergency and I tended to Tyler’s dog.  Then I supervised lunch being made and by noon i ran out the door to go to my monthly doctor’s appointment. But do you know what else I did during that time of mothering and homemaking.  I discussed the Word with my teens and husband.  One of my teens asked, “Did Jesus change the Law?”  She was copying in the book of Exodus and wondered if some of those laws were no longer valid.  So, we all discussed different scriptures to come to an answer about her question.  We discussed Matthew 5, we reread the book of 1 John, we looked at Hebrews chapters 11 and 13.  Instead of just giving my daughter an answer I took her to the Word and let her and I, along with others in the discussion ponder what it says in the scripture.

We had this conversation will we worked and did other things.  It was just a part of our day.

Now, I have arrived back home from the doctor and stopping at the store to buy ingredients for hot cocoa.  At five o’clock, I will be doing our daily chores and preparing dinner.  After that we as a family will do more Bible.  We will be reading Acts chapter 10,11, and 12.  We will also be dong our other memory work Exodus chapter 20.  Depending on how the evening goes I may read my Bible again before I go to bed.  I can tell you without a doubt that before I go to bed today, I will spend time in prayer again.

So here is my challenge to you for tomorrow.  I challenge you to read each of the scriptures that I mentioned in this post.  See how long it takes, see if it really is so hard.  One way to make sure you don’t forget to read your Bible, is give yourself rules.  Here area few I have.  No using the laptop or phone before I read my Bible.   No watching netflix or other programs before I read my Bible.  Try these two out and see if it helps you.

Blessed reading.

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