Things to know as you visit our site…

We are Bible believing, scripture only people.  We love to learn about the Hebrew roots of our faith.  We believe it is important to not add or subtract from the Divine Word of God.  The compiled scriptures that agree with one another and have no contradiction is the 66 books of what is commonly referred to as the Christian Bible, or the Holy Bible.

These writings were originally written by men inspired by God.  They were written in the language of the writers and readers of the original documents.  Many of the original documents have been lost, but God’s Word is eternal and remains.  Therefore, it is important to us to study, learn, and consider the culture, history, and language of the original writers of the scriptures.

In our studies we have learned that the true name of God is Yehovah, and His son, our Messiah, is named Yeshua.  Therefore, as you read our posts we will use the Hebrew names of God and our Messiah.

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