The Challenge is coming to an End (day 85)

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So we have continued with the challenge and are now in our last week.  Tyler Ann and Lydia did write up a couple posts, and I have lost them.  So sorry about that.


But I want to share a few insights since we have been reading through the New testament.  nt 1


Here are a few things we discussed in random order:


The gap between the Old testament and the New Testament.  Why is it there?  Our thoughts are similar to most peoples on this one.  God loves His people so much that he wanted to be sure that when He came down to save us, the whole world would know it.  So, He came in a time when there was ways for travel.  Ways for the Word to spread quickly.

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Another conversation we had was about the similarity in the first three gospel books, Matthew, Mark, and Luke, and the difference to them and John.  It is so obvious that John had a very, very intimate relationship with Christ while he was on the earth as a man.  The cool thing we also discussed is with modern technology it is easy to figure out how all four accounts of Christ life on earth do indeed verify one another and do not contradict one another.  Via the internet we can plug words and verse in and find a better understanding of the actual Greek writings of these books.  We live a very blessed place and time.


We enjoyed looking at the life of the first church in the book of Acts and wondering if we in our modern culture have lost the beauty and simplicity of fellowship and worship.


The books of Romans thru Philemon has been amazing reading these books so quickly in order.  It really opens our eyes to the life of the early Christians and the way things were done.  The leadership, especially, Paul shows us through his letters love, compassion, yet discipline and clear Gospel teaching as well.  We learn that we are to treat the body in a whole different way than we are to treat those outside the body.  Those outside the body are to be loved and offered grace and forgiveness, and above all we are to share the Light with them.  Those inside the body we are to offer love and forgiveness and build each other up and encourage each other to hold fast to the Good News.  The wonderful mystery of the Good News of Jesus is this that ALL are the children of God, and should be welcomed into the family of God.  there is NO longer any confusion but it is made clear through Jesus that we are His people.  Jews and Gentiles are ONE.

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There is so, so much more that we have learned in our time in God’s Word.  There is so many things that God is doing in our hearts through His Word, and I wish we could tell you all, but mostly we want you to know that this challenge will change your life too.  So, pick up your Bible and start reading.

Tonight we will be reading Hebrews and James.  I can’t wait.

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