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  Today is Davey’s tenth birthday.  Wow, in many ways it seems it was just yesterday that we went to get him in California.  Yet at the same time, it seems he has been home with us always.  In these last few years, I have seen God work miracle after miracle in this happy little

Do you ever wonder where God is in the day to day routine? I think sometimes I just need to stop and look and then I see His marvelous work before my eyes. Like this morning: As I feed baby Anna this morning, I sat watching Davey, age 10, do his morning job of clearing

Davey arrived home August 29th, 2008, and we started school the following week. I was so nervous how Davey would fit in, and if the other kids could adjust to him and his needs. Boy, was I surprised. It was like he knew his place and everyone else knew it too. I was so amazed