Spending Time with God. (Day 8 of the Challenge )

This reading was a little harder to read, it was about the laws of the offering and a couple other laws. It reminded me that YHWH is very detailed about things and that nothing in the Bible was put there by mistake. I was thinking about the offerings and it made me think about my “offerings” of worship , ministry, ect. I asked myself, “Am I doing this for myself or for God?”, “Am I doing this for others recognition or for God’s glory?”



Everything I do should bring glory to Him. I was saved to serve Him and have a relationship with Him. I thought about my friends and how well I know them and how much time I spend with them. I thought about what my mom once said, “If you had a friend and sat down with them 5 minutes each day, how well do you think you’ll get to know them? What if you sat down with them for a hour?”


She related it with our relationship with God.  It just really encouraged me to spend more time with God and it made me want to pray for my friends and family, that they may have a desire to spend time with God. Because really if you talked to God 5 minutes each day and that was it, how well do you think you’ll get to know Him? What about if you spent time with Him 1 morning 1 day a week?

It just made me want to spend more time with God. I pray that you will desire to have more time with God. It will be amazing to see how much more we know God and trust in Him. It’s life changing when we start actually putting God first.


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