Day 23 Self-Control(30 Day Prayer Challenge for the Children)

As I said in the introduction, this challenge is an opportunity to spend the next thirty days being intentional about praying for a child or children.
I hope you had time to decide and write down the name or names of the child/children you will be praying for the next 30 days.  If not take the time and do that now.  Also, I would encourage you to use a prayer book/journal and write out your prayer each day.  This just really allows to really think and ponder on the words, and gives you something to look back at as God answers these prayers.  Reuse the prayers and add new notes as you continue to pray for the children in your life.
No matter how you choose to use this prayer guide, the most important thing is to be intentional.  Don’t just make it a habit or chore that you check off your to do list each day.  Make time and take time to really pray for the child/children, and ask God to show you ways to bless them.
Each day I will post the topic and scripture, and write out my prayer for you to use as a guide, as you go to the Father in prayer.  No matter whom God lays on your heart to pray for that is exactly who you should be praying for.
May Yehovah God bless us as we seek to bless Him and His children.

Day 23 – Pray that God would give them self-control. 

1 Corinthians 10:13; Romans 8:37; 1 John 4:4

Self-control is that fruit that often alludes me.  Maybe others struggle with patience or kindness, etc.  But, for me when I get to that place where I lose control I then slip into all the rotten fruit.   Mean, nasty behavior starts spilling over.  My prayer is that my children learn to manage their stress and behavior in tough situations better than I have.  I pray that every generation is better than the one before.


Today, I ask that you help my children gain self control.  When irritations, frustrations, and anxiety come to them help them stop and take every thought captive.  Help them stop and consider what Yeshua would do.

When they do lose their cool and make a bad situation worse, help them quickly repent and correct their behavior.

Help me be a good example of these things, and may Your Name be glorified in our behavior.


I hope this blog series is a blessing to you and the children in your life.  If you would like to join our prayer group on Facebook here is the link.

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