Scripture is the answer to the question, “What do you believe?”

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Recently people are wondering what we believe, so in an attempted to answer these questions I have tried to make a sort of statement of our faith. Our hope is that you will read all the scriptures below to truly understand what we believe. Our beliefs have come out of years of reading the Bible from front to back and studying it in Hebrew and Greek. We did not just one day wake up and decided to walk away from conventional Christianity. We challenge everyone to take the time, make the time, to read God’s Word from Genesis to Revelation. This book is divinely written and when read as a whole it will be made clear who God is, who Christ is, and who you are. So, please don’t just read my statement, but actually read the Bible scriptures and study them. Also, we hate to just take bits and piece of scripture to state our beliefs, so take time to read the whole context of the scriptures. Lastly, when we study scripture we do not use other people commentaries, but prefer to define scripture with scripture. That means we look to the scripture only, and we look to the origin of it, the historical context. We challenge you as you read our beliefs to put aside any old ideas of commentaries or teachings, and let the Holy Spirit Guide you through the Word. These statements are in random order as they come to me.

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We believe that the first five books of the Bible are the foundation of the Bible, that even Jesus taught this and that all other scripture must line up with these books, and that to be a true disciple of Jesus we should live as He did following all the words of these first five books of the Bible as best we can in this day and age.

  Read Matthew 5


We believe that when God says forever it is forever. Therefore, we believe God’s people should obey His forever commandments, of Sabbath and feasts.

Read Leviticus 23


We believe His commandments are for His people and that we are His people.

Read Ephesians 2:11-20 and read Romans 11

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Jesus said if you love me obey my fathers commands.


Read John 14

We believe that salvation and remission of sin is only through the gracious sacrificial blood of Jesus Christ, not by works.

Read Romans 3:23-24

We believe that the Bible from Genesis to Revelation is one message and should be read as such.  That the front of the book defines the back of the book.  We believe that all of God’s Word is clearly understood when studied as one unit.  If a theme is not repeated in God’s Word it is probably not a correct translation or understanding of scripture.  Because God is a God of order and clarity.

Example 1 Corithians 14:33

We believe that everyone is on a journey to God or away from Him. That God calls His own and that it is not our job to force our beliefs on anyone. We are to let our light shine and preach the Gospel (that is the whole truth from Genesis to Revelation) wherever we go, but God will do the life changing work in peoples heart. Therefore, we will not get caught up in arguments and debates about such things.

Read  Colossians 2 and Romans 14 and Acts 2

There is so much more to why we now love the gift of Torah and want to follow it. But, hopefully, these verse above will help you understand. We truly have not stepped away from Jesus to embrace Torah, no, on the contrary, we have embraced Jesus, who is our Torah.

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If after reading all these scriptures you are wanting to understand more who you are in Christ, we recommend you read the first five books of the Bible in order, and we also recommend reading the books of James and the letters of John in the New testament.

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May You be blessed for your diligence to study scripture as the early churches did.

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2 responses to “Scripture is the answer to the question, “What do you believe?””

  1. Rebekah Shashaguay Avatar

    Hi! (I found your blog through a Pinterest pin!) I agree with everything you said, our family recently (Last March) started attending a Torah Observant church group and have since left the Assembly of God church we were part of for 13 years. (For a lot of different reasons…) it is encouraging to find another homeschool family with these beliefs! 🙂 We live in Michigan also, and I am the second oldest of five.

    1. ktmom12 Avatar

      Rebekah, It is truly amazing how many Torah Observant people are out there. Where do you live in MI? I am glad my post was a blessing to you.

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