Raising Warrior Princesses

I am so blessed to be the mom of six beautiful and smart daughters.  They are all warrior princesses.  I can not take credit for this fact, because they each were born fighters and overcomers.

I often tease that my oldest daughter, TylerAnn, walked out of the womb ready to give the nurses their orders.  She was born with a serious heart condition, and later we would discover she takes after her mom, and is dyslexic.  Neither of these conditions kept her from doing whatever she set her mind to do.

Rachel came into this world ready to conquer it and hasn’t stopped to take a breath since.  Where most people see a problem, she sees a project, a mission.

Lydia came into this world and immediately suffered some of the greatest trauma and abuse an infant could suffer, but instead of taking the abuse, she screamed and screamed, letting the world know she was not going to just lay down and die.  Because of her resilence, she and Daniel, are both a part of our family.  Whenever fear tried to creep in she just trains even harder for battle.

Rebekah is my servant hearted, never stopping worker.  I remember when she was little she once asked me what her talents were, because she could clearly identify her older siblings.  I remember her disapppointment when I told her she was gifted with a caring and serving heart.  I hope and pray that she now realizes what a special gift that is.

Mary, though she is only ten, has fought many, many battles.  She is already aware of the spiritual battle that rages around her, and it is clear that she will be a mighty prayer warrior for the Kingdom.

Christianna, at age 8, has already developed a love and hunger for the things of Yehovah.  She is eager to read her Bible on her own, and loves praying for others.

I am truly blessed to be the mother of these six Warrior Princesses.

But there is just one problem when you raise up such strong, fierce women.  I pray every day that if Yehovah has it in their future to marry, that He would even now prepare that man.  Strong women need strong men.  Each of my girls are unique and special.  So, my prayer for their future mate is just as unique as they are.

I will admit that I, like most moms, look around at the young men in our community, and I wonder is that the one, is this the one?  I pray for those young men, and hope that they too are warriors.

I was not at all surprised when Rachel was the first of my children to find someone.  I think that what surprised me the most was how much Kiezer answered all the prayers that Rachel had for her future mate, and all the prayers that my mom had prayed for Rachel’s future mate, and all the prayers that I had prayed for her future mate.  Even to the littlest detail.

My friend has a say, “choose the one you love, and love the one you choose.”  I love that saying, because it is exactly what the Bible calls us to do when it comes to marriage.  We don’t go shopping around for a mate, but rather we look for someone that shares the same core values and beliefs that we have and we get to know them, and then we get engaged and finally we make a life time commitment to that person.  A commitment that says, no matter what, we are in this together.  There is no quiting when it gets tough.  Love can be messy at times, but it is a commitment to the end.

That being said, finding someone that is going to understand you, share your dreams, and care about the little things is a bonus.  When we are blessed to find a mate that really cares about us even when they see our flaws, that is special.  When we find a mate that makes us feel special, and we can’t  stop thinking of ways to make them feel special, that is a big blessing and bonus in a relationship.

This past week, my Lydia got engaged.  Ever since that day, I have been thinking of the prayers I have said for her future mate.  Lydia and I are extremely alike, and extremely different, all at the same time.  This has been a challenge as a mom.  I have often struggled in my parenting of Lydia.  Oh, I made so many mistakes when she was little.  But, I have learned a great deal about what makes Lydia feel loved.  Lydia is a Bible scholar, she is a Hebrew scholar, she is extremely smart.  But not only is she smart, she is talented.  She has way too many talents to even list.  Lastly, Lydia is gifted with a kind and encouraging spirit that will make you feel like you are the most important person in the world.  That is a lot to admire in a person.  But, Lydia is also a person, who get’s sad, overwhelmed, and anxious.  She never wants to hurt anyone’s feelings or upset anyone.  She is a people pleaser.  She needs the people closest to her to be ok when she finally shuts down, and just needs to be left alone.  She needs the people she trusts to be ok with her feeling a little scatter brained, because she has seven thousand thoughts running around in her head all at once.

So, when I would pray for a spouse for Lydia, I prayed for someone who would treat her like the warrior Princess she is.  I prayed that it would be someone who would really understand her and adore her.  I prayed it would be a man she could walk beside and encourage to be all that Yehovah made him to be.  I prayed that together Lydia and the man she married would do mighty work for the Kingdom.  I prayed many other detailed prayers.

I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know that when you ask Yehovah for something day after day, you really shouldn’t be surprised when He answers.

Another wedding soon, and four more daughters to go.

I am praying for you future husbands of my warrior princesses.


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