Rachel reporting from Western Kansas (day 29 of the challenge)


NOTE: (from mom)   We are now a third of the way through the challenge.  Rachel and Tyler Ann have left for their month of serving at a Farm Camp for the month of June.  Lydia and Daniel will head to training for their summer work with local children.  Even though they are not home they are expected to keep up with the family reading and blogging.  So here is Rachel’s post.

lazy 1


How has everyone’s reading been going?  I hope you have been keeping up with us.  Well Tyler and I are currently in Kansas!  Being away from home makes it hard to stay on track.  I have lots of time to read my Bible, but sometime I just want to go play, or I am just plain old lazy.
  So as I have been out here in Kansas I’ve been working on being more disciplined, and less lazy.  It is hard but I love challenges so I’m determined to stick with it.  I am going to overcome laziness and be disciplined.
lazy 2
  I didn’t even want to blog today I was going to call my mom and ask for a sub. blogger.  But I thought to myself this is your first step to overcoming laziness, and practice discipline.
  So if you are like me always looking for a challenge.  I challenge you to start practicing discipline, and getting rid of laziness.  Pray and ask God right now to help you have more discipline and less laziness in your life.
lazy 3
  I hope you continue to read with us in our 90 day challenge!
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