Playing in the leaves by Rachel

Last week my sisters and I were playing in the leaves.
First we raked the leaves into a leaf pile.
Then a cat jumped in the leaf pile and got all buried except it’s face. So we took a picture.
Then we decided to take more pictures of people and cats in the leaf pile.
So we put the cats in the leaf pile and they wouldn’t stay.
So we had to go under the leaves and hold the cats but we had to stay buried.
Then we took the picture.
We also did lots of other pictures.
We took a picture of Lydia sitting in the leaves and kissing my cat.
We took one picture of Bekah upside down and all buried.
We had so much fun even though some of the pictures didn’t turn out.
Now you know what Lydia, Bekah ,and I did in the leaves last week.
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