My Weekend by: Lydia

My Grandma Lisa, Aunt Prayer, Uncle Tyler and their kids came over. Uncle Brandon and Tracy came too.
My cousin, Kia and I played a lot.
We played Barbie’s, Doctors, and outside.
I showed her my new Polly pockets.
We didn’t play on the computer.
We liked to look at Tyler’s rabbits.
Tyler’s rabbit’s name’s are Bugsy, Tom, and Bob.
We fed them every day.
We played upstairs with Miah.
I showed Kia the cats and my glasses.
She told me about her cool bunkbed.
It sounds cool to me.
She painted her wall purple with blue, orange, and yellow polka dots.
She said she wants us to see it. Grandma brought lots of presents.
She got one for all of the girls.. Rachel, Daniel, Miah, and Bekah got a cool game, it was called hullaballoo.
IT is very fun! We played it a whole hour. We are probably going to play it today.
We are going to see grandma Lisa, uncle Tyler, and aunt prayer on thanksgiving.
I can’t wait until my birthday next month! on November 3rd.
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2 responses to “My Weekend by: Lydia”

  1. prayerhirn Avatar

    Hey Lydia!! Don’t forget your favorite Aunt Prayer got you guys the hullabaloo game!! HEHE!

  2. GrandmaLisa Avatar

    Hi Lydia! You even got to see me and your cousins before Thanksgiving cause you were here Sunday 🙂 I can’t wait for Thanksgiving so we can all be together again to share in the blessings of having such a wonderful family. Uncle Brandon, Tracy and Jacob and Grandma and Grandpa Wenger will be here too.. with all of you and Uncle Tyler, Prayer and the kids@ We will have a fun day with very full bellies!

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