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So, It is spring at our house. We don’t officially call it spring here until after Tyler Ann’s birthday. So, in the Hirn house here in Michigan today is our official first day of Spring.

With a change in season, we have a change in our menu. We start using the grill more and we eat less soups and stews. So, working on my menus today, I thought I would share them with you.
Often people ask us how we feed our large family. The kids always chuckle at this question. But I realize like us, most families live on a tight budget.
We live on a tight budget, and yet are very blessed to not go hungry.
At the end of this post, I will included links to my menus and grocery list. The best way to save money on food it to plan.
1. I make a monthly menu.
2 Then I make a weekly menu.
3 After that I make two grocery lists.
The first list is things I will buy once a month. I will either buy them at Aldi when I make my one month trip there, or I will buy them when they are on sale at my local Meijer store. (My Meijer is in Mason, MI)

It is very important to know your store. I know where everything is at in my Meijer. I also know what I can get at Aldi. Knowing what your store sells and when your store has a sale on something is very helpful. Many of the products I buy on a regular bases go on sale at least once every month. So, I stock up on that week.

4. My menu is very simple and basic. We eat the basic same meals over and over. Yet, it is different enough to not get bored. Buy eating the same basic foods over and over, I can keep my budget tight.

So, here is a look at our menus.


Dinner Menu for Four Weeks Spring 2016

Week 1

Sun Pancakes and Eggs
Mon Taco Salad
Tues Mac No Cheese
Weds Grill or Fry Veggies
Thurs Chicken Salad
Fri Grill (hamburgers)
Sab Walking Tacos
Week 2

Sun Omelets
Mon Spaghetti
Tues Taco
Weds Grill (Chicken)
Thurs Salad Bar
Fri Beef N Potatoes
Sab Burrito Casserole

Week 3

Sun Smoothies
Mon Taco Salad
Tues Spaghetti
Weds Grill (dogs)
Thurs Salad Bar
Fri Grill (mushrooms)
Sab BBQ meat n rice

Week 4

Sun Hash
Mon White Spaghetti
Tues Tacos
Weds Sauerkraut
Thurs Berry Salad
Fri Chicken (Grill)
Sab Cowboy Beans


Now here is a look at my weekly menu.


Week 1

Breakfast(between 8 and 9 am)

Oatmeal (1 or 2 bowls)

Yogurt (bowl or side)

2 Eggs


Berries, apples, orange, or 2 spoons of jelly, or two spoons of p. butter, butter, applesauce

Coffee or tea

Snacks(3 pm, before 9 pm)

Avocado, Apple, orange, ½ cup berries,2 pickles,2 carrots, celery, ½ cup applesauce, ¼ cup nuts, spoon of p. butter, tea

Large snack options w/ permission

1 egg, tuna, salad, smoothie, leftovers, yogurt, cottage cheese


Lunch(12 noon)

Sun            Pancakes and Eggs

Mon          tuna

Tues          beans and rice

Wed          cr. cheese pb

Thur          bean and rice

Fri              left overs (?)

Sat             smoothies

Supper(6 pm)

Sun              Left overs

Mon            Taco Salad

Tues            Mac N Cheese

Weds          Fried Veggies

Thurs          Chicken Salad

Fri               Pizza

Sab             Walking Tacos


We eat the same things for breakfast pretty much everyday.  But on the weekend we have brunch on Sunday.  On Sabbath, we eat our big meal at Fellowship in the afternoon.  Our weekly lunches are made up of mostly salad, fruits, and veggies with dips.  But two days a week we make beans and rice.

So, here is a few things about our menu for this week.  Our pancakes will be gluten free and made from scratch.  Our eggs will be our fresh eggs from our own chickens.  Taco salad is a make your own type salad with taco style meat served with lots of veggies.  Mac N Cheese, is a recipe I made up that has no dairy in it, but is like macaroni and cheese.  I make it with almond milk.  Fried Veggies is Jeremy’s dinner night.  Every Wednesday, Jeremy makes dinner.  This week he will shop for fresh veggies that he wants to fry or grill for us.  Chicken Salad is also a make your own salad bar style meal, served with grilled chicken.  Pizza night, is my night to order out if I want, but we also enjoy making our own pizza.  Walking Tacos will be the meal I take to Sabbath fellowship.

So there you have it, a mega family menu.  Not too exciting.  I will included my actual print outs here.  My grocery list is very short because it is only the weekly needs.

Enjoy and Shalom.

Four Week Menu

Week ONE menu

Week ONE grocery list

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