Math, Science, Grammar, Literature, and Character (how do you teach part 3)

Do you teach math using the Bible?

No, we don’t.  IF there is a math application in a story we are doing, like Noah’s Ark then we will focus in on it.  But we do use a math curriculum.

Currently we use Teaching textbooks

Math 3 Teaching Textbook

We have used Math U see and do recommend it.

Alpha Instruction Manual and DVD

We have also used Rod and Staff Math. Also a good curriculum.

I like that with teaching textbooks the computer does all the teaching and grading for me, the teacher.

NOTE: I don’t do any formal math until third grade. I just do life math and fun activities and worksheets until then. Usually around the age of seven my students are ready to start third grade math. My dyslexic students have gotten stumped at times with math, and have had to slow down and repeat concepts, but for the most part, once they start math we press on with it.

How do you teach Biblical Science?

We teach life application science, we also focus in on science in a Bible lesson, for example when studying Sodom and Gomorrah, we did science research to see if there was any evidence for what happened, and then we use Apologia Science.  I will admit I love Jeannie Fulbright’s books best, and I don’t really think a student needs to do any more science than what she offers.   I can’t wait til her new books come out.

At the beginning of the school year I make assignment sheets for whatever book we are in. Each student is to complete these assignments on their own. Beginning readers are read the textbook by older students. Every other week or so, we do group activities and discuss the materials covered. We use the elementary/junior high books for our group lessons. High school students work through their textbooks completely independently, yet are expected to also participate in the group activities and teachings of the younger students materials.

How do you teach grammar and writing?

We do journals, blogging, and letter writing to teach these concepts. If I see a need for a student to learn a concept then I make up a class to teach that covers that concept. For example:

Recently, one of my students needed to be able to do a resume and application for a job. So, I made up a class and taught it to all my upper grade students as a group, and then gave them assignments to do.

I use Easy Grammar Plus as my teaching guide for the lessons I write.

How do you teach Godly Character?

Once or twice a week we read orally a chapter from either a character training book or a missionary story. We read the chapter and then discuss it. This is done in the evenings, and usually after the smaller ones are in bed.

Examples of books we have read:

Making brothers and sisters best friends


Kisses from Katie

Kisses from Katie

Say Good-bye to whining, complaining, and bad attitudes in you and your kids!

Honor book

What about literature?
When we first started homeschooling, I had a long literature list of books, and a library full of lots and lots of books.  But, in recent years, we realized that a lot of literature that we think is good and even necessary for our children’s education, is actually not sound teaching when compared to the Bible.  So,  I still have a list of books and the kids are to pick books from it and are required to read them and write reports on them.  This list is smaller than it used to be, and always getting smaller.  I will try and post this list later, it needs edited.

Next week I will share about extra curricular activities and Unit studies. 

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