Making teachers out of students (homeschooling with multi-age levels)

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It’s been a while, but I thought it was time to write a blog post.  So, this is Rachel, and I want to share with you some thoughts I have had about homeschooling, since I graduated back in December.  Even before I graduated, my mom gave me responsibility for teaching some of the subjects to my siblings.  But since graduating, I have taken on the role of head teacher at Hirn Homeschool.  I have found there are several benefits to having an older sibling teach the younger siblings.  I thought I would make a list of them.

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  1.  Albert Einstein once said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”
    I have found this to be true when teaching my younger siblings.  A concept or idea becomes even more clear to me when I have had to sit and think through how to explain and teach it to someone else. rach 1
  2. Having different teachers allows for a student to find the method of learning that best works for them.  Often in our family, my mom, Tyler, and I take turns teaching the younger students.  When I teach a math or language concept to a student in the method I best understand them, it may not be the method that works best for them.  My mom and Tyler are both dyslexic, so they often teach in a very different style than I do.  This is great for our other siblings that also are dyslexic.  But my method may be best for a student who is not dyslexic.rach 9
  3. When the older siblings are setting a good example of leadership by teaching the younger siblings, it encourages them to be leaders too. rach 8
  4. When you work with a sibling to help them learn it creates a closer bond.  Often it is easy for the older siblings to be separate from the younger siblings.  But when you help someone discover new ideas and knowledge it is exciting and creates a special bond. DSCN8361
  5. Teaching school teaches the older sibling to remain scheduled and orderly.  Young children need routine and schedules, and therefore as a teacher you have to also have a routine.  By being responsible for someone else’s learning it forces the older sibling to be disciplined. rach 2
  6. Teaching also helps the older sibling practice the fruit of the spirit.  Working with small children can be frustrating and even annoying at times.  But it never helps to get angry or upset, then the student also gets upset and frustrated.  So, as a teacher you must be patient, kind, loving, and self-control. rach 3
  7. Lastly, being a teacher to your younger siblings will grow your relationship with YHVH, because you will need to pray often.rach 6


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