Journey to Redemption (A Family Study Guide of Passover to Pentecost) Introduction

I have written about the difference between studying your Bible and reading your Bible in the past.  I often post about our family Bible reading times, but I have decided to take you on our Bible study journey through the Spring Feasts.

Last year, I began working on a Family study guide that will take your family on a fun journey with the Israelites and Moses, and the disciples and Yeshua, side by side.  We are working through this guide again this year and I thought I would try and share how we study the Bible as a family.

It is so important when doing Bible study to understand the context of what you are reading.  First we must know when and to whom is this passage of scripture written originally, before we can ever begin to apply scripture to our personal life.  We must ask questions and search for answers.

Before we can truly understand the story of Passover, the redemption of the Messiah, and the gift of the Holy Spirit, we must understand why it matters in the first place.

I began this blog post a few weeks ago, and then I just didn’t have time to work on it.  But, I did have time to do our Bible study.  In our home there are two things that a standard every day.  Morning Bible study, and evening Bible reading.  If everything in our lives is chaos, the two things I work very hard at doing everyday is Bible study and Bible reading.  So, even though I didn’t write up what we did each day of our journey study, we still did the study.

I thought I would quickly catch my readers up who might be curious about what we have been studying.

We have worked through the book of Exodus from chapter 1 to chapter 12.  We have also worked through the book of Mathew 1-27.  As we got closer to Passover we purposely lined up the two stories chronologically, and read each passage on the day that it would have happened in history.  We also, read Genesis 1-22.  The book of Genesis is so important to understanding the need for redemption.  We also read several passages from the various places in scripture that help us better understand redemption.  A few we have studied the last couple weeks include John 1, the book of 1 John, Hebrews 10-12.  Now as we move forward in our study, we will continue to study the journey of the Israelites, and the disciples of Yeshua, as we count the Omar to Shavuot, Pentecost.

Each morning as we count the Omar, we will continue our study in Genesis, we will add to this study the book of Romans, and we will continue the passages in Exodus, and Numbers that take us through the wilderness with the Israelites.  Lastly, we will finish the book of Matthew, and begin the book of Acts, as we celebrate the return of the Messiah, and then the coming of the Holy Spirit.

Books we are using in our journey are:  The Chronological Gospels, With a Mighty Hand, The Bible.  We have created our own maps and timelines for our journey, but I have also found some great resources for maps and timelines.

The ten Plagues Timeline

The Exodus Timeline


Birth of John and Yeshua

Resurrection of Messiah Timeline

The Ten Plagues of Egypt Chart

Death, Resurrection Week Calendar

These are just a few timelines we have enjoyed using.

Exodus Major Events Map 800

This site has nice maps, I don’t use this site for study, just the maps. Life of Messiah Maps

I hope these resources are a blessing to others.  I like places these here in my blog, so that each year I can find them easily as we celebrate the Spring Holidays.

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