If I was President I would watch a movie then I would play video games.
Then I would look at My BIG house and have my agents go all over the United States and find homeless people and give them a home and 5thousand dollars$$ .
I would have a agent go and get a dog.
I would invite my family to my house.
After that I will fly in my jet to the ARMY and ask men that are there their address to send there wives some money$$ if there husband died.
I would take a nap on the way home.
When I get home I will call people to make missiles for the ARMY.
I will help doctors and patients by giving them whatever they need.
Then I will go shopping for toys, food, clothes, school stuff , and kitchen stuff for the people in Africa, but I will translate the language for them. That is a couple things I would do if I were President. BYE
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  1. prayerhirn Avatar

    Danny–that is so awesome! You have a good heart!! Its great that we have people in the world like you!!!!!

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