How and Why to Use Timelines in School

Recently, there have been a lot of questions about timelines.

I love history, and I love the Bible, and I love current events learning.  So, to me a timeline is a must in education.  When a student has a visual, like a time line, it helps them realize that events in scripture and history happened in an order.  It helps them process the information they are learning.  So every year we have some type of timeline.

Here is one of our favorite timelines.  It is a big binder that we add to all year, every year.  I used the free Book of Centuries for this timeline.  Here are some pictures from our family album.  My older children are also required to keep a personal timeline in their binder.

As we continue to study history, Bible, and even current events, we add pages to our timelines.  We may add a literature page after reading a book, and place it in the time it was written.

I also like giving the students timelines to reference in their personal folders.  Here is a website with some fun ones.  Bible timelines

I also like to do wall time lines.  Sometimes we make our own and other times we order them from different companies and make them work for our studies.  This years timeline is from Bible study for all ages.  We also like their maps.


To get the dates for our timeline we use Christine Millers timeline book.


That is it.  Time lines are a great tool for learning tool and lots of fun.




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