Eating Right on a Budget

I decided to share our current menu with our readers. We recently changed our diet up. We have several allergy issues, and we also strive to adhere to a Levitical diet. This, along with a desire to boost our metabolism has created an interesting diet for our family. Below is our breakfast and dinner menu. We eat left overs or salad for lunches. I will add some recipe links below of recipes we have used. I will warn that I never follow a recipe, so these are the actual recipes shared with me, and I have alerted them to fit my budget or needs. I will try and explain my alterations as I go.


Sunday Overnight applesauce oatmeal Tacos
Monday Overnight applesauce oatmeal Gluten free goulash and salad
Tuesday Spinach and egg whites w/turkey G/F Chicken and dumplings w/ green beans
Wednesday Spinach and egg whites w/turkey Beef and Broccoli
Thursday Overnight oatmeal, eggs, and fruit Bone broth soup and Grilled Chicken salad
Friday Overnight oatmeal, eggs, and fruit G/F pizza (cheeseless)
Saturday Overnight oatmeal, eggs, and fruit Chili

Overnight Oatmeal:

I use a half container of oats and just estimate the measurements. I try and make two days worth at a time. If I use milk it is almond milk. Usually I just use water. Some of my kids eat cold and some eat it warmed up. I like it warmed up.

Beef and Broccoli :

For chili, I soak a bunch of mixed beans on Thursday and bake them all day in a crock pot. I add onion and other veggies and/or spices as I have them. Then Friday I separate the beans and use half of them to make chili. I use the other half to make re-fried beans.

For Bone Broth soup, I make a whole chicken in the crock pot, then the next day, Jeremy debones it for me. I put the bones back in the pot and add eight cups of water to any drippings from the chicken. I cook all day, add onion, carrot, celery, or any other veggies, and lots of garlic. This is one of my families favorites. Strain out everything and serve just the broth.

OK, that is a start. I will share more next time.

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2 responses to “Eating Right on a Budget”

  1. Angela Dill Avatar

    I am enjoying your blog so much! I love the purity stories but I think my favorite is The Danger of Educating Your Children series. And I’m in a long lasting meal planning slump so this post is appreciated too!

    1. ktmom12 Avatar

      Thank you, Angela, your too kind. I am glad that our posts are a blessing to you.

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