Don’t give up. An Encouraging Word from Lydia(Day 14)

These last few days have been crazy!  We’ve been running around, and doing many things.  We got a little far behind on our Bible reading, so we are trying to catch up.

Are you still reading your Bible?  Life get’s busy, we have to do so much in a day.  I hope that you are still reading your Bible.  Don’t give up!  No matter how busy you are : )

  If you are to far behind on reading, then just read what day you should be on, and finish the rest after the challenge, or on any spare time you find.  But if you aren’t that far behind, then put some extra Bible reading in (if you are using the challenge we are then you can use a grace day). 

I hope you can continue to read your Bible!  It is an amazing, God breathed, living, and true word that can change your life!  Don’t give up, we can do this!  We will finish the Bible in 90 days!!!!!!


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