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Recently, for fun my friend and I have been doing personality tests.  We enjoy reading the different results and seeing if we agree with them or not.  Most recently, we have been doing this specific test.

I6 Personalities free test


My friend took this test and sent me her results.  It was so fun reading her results to my husband and laughing.  Because my husband and friend are so very alike, and every description described him.  So to add to the fun, I took the test too.  My results were an exact opposite of my friend and husband.  In fact, in the description of my type it states that my perfect mate would be someone with my husband’s type.  OF course, I already knew this, but it was fun and even a little informative to read the descriptions of my personality type.

But of course, there were parts of the description I did not see myself as at all.  But, so much of the information was so accurate and helpful, I decided to ask all my teens to take the personality test too.  It was lots of fun taking the tests and discussing the results.

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Here is some things I learned.

First, the results from the test for each member of our family were not a surprise to me.  That was encouraging to me.  It told me that I know myself, my spouse, and my children pretty well.

Secondly, I learned that my children are truly a great blend of Jeremy and I.  That our parenting them had a lot to do with who they are and who they think they are.

Who we are isn’t always who we think we are.  Sometimes we see ourselves differently than reality.  But for the most part, my children have a good handle on who they are, their strengths and weaknesses.  That makes me feel like I have done a good job of helping them discover who God created them to be and being confident in that person.  They also knew their weaknesses and knew that God could use that too.

Thirdly, I learned that if we are not careful we can get caught in a trap of, “that’s just who I am.”  We can not take a personality test and decided to use the descriptions in them to justify our rude, inconsiderate, or inappropriate behavior.  Instead, when we take a test of this kind and see things in our results that are less than becoming, we should go to God and ask Him to help us become more like Him in all ways.

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When I was a girl I had some behavior and emotional issues.  My parents took me to a counselor who did a lot of testing.  The results of the testing said, I was learning disabled, bi-polar, hyperactive, and more.  I am grateful to this day that neither the counselor nor my parents ever looked at those labels and decided I was the “label.”  Rather they encouraged and motivated me to be so much more than those labels.  It was helpful to know that there were unique parts of who I was/am?  Absolutely,  those labels helped me better know myself, but they never defined me.

Whose job is it to create your identity?  Who defines you?

God alone.  Don’t ever let anyone box you in.  You can be all that God created you to be.  IF His Word says you are strong and capable to do all things in Him and  it never lies, than you can believe that.  Will I ever be a brain surgeon?  Nope.  But not because God can’t make me a brain surgeon.  No, I won’t be a brain surgeon because that is not who He is calling me to be.  It is not who He created me to be.

Be who He created you to be.

As a parent it is my job to teach my children to be whom He created them to be.  I need to teach them to use their talents and gifts for Him and His glory.  I need to teach them their limitations too.  But I don’t have to limit them.  Because I can’t limit God.  I have to tech them His Word and Truths about who they are.  Then I need to encourage them to be All He created them to be.


I pray I don’t box them in.   I pray that I never stop growing and learning to be all that He created me to be.  I pray they also never stop growing in Him.  Everyday is a new day to become more in Him.

Our family test results: (thought you might like to see)

Jeremy- ISFJ-T Defender

Katie – ESTJ-A Executive

Daniel- ESFJ-A Consul

TylerAnn – INFJ-A Advocate

Rachel – ENFP-A Campaigner

Lydia – ENFJ-T Protagonist

Brenden- ISFP-A Adventurer

Bekah INFP-T Mediator


Here is the link to the test again.  Have fun and remember don’t box yourself or anyone else in.

Personality Test

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